Obstruct ‘Lord of the Rings’ for saying he doubts #MeToo in sports

Olympic gold medalist and Greek sports legend Lefteris Petrunias, nicknamed “The Lord of the Rings”, shocked the #MeToo movement in Greece on Thursday, expressing doubts about the exposed cases of sexual violence in the field of sports.

He said he was not sure if there were “cases of sexual assault in the sport,” which sparked a scandal on social media. Petrunias’ attempts to correct his initial statement did not calm the Greek #MeToo community.

On the sidelines of the event and when asked about the #MeToo movement in sports, Petrunias said: “Championship is a very complex industry. Also, if they were, because I’m not sure about that. I have not seen anything. Isolated incidents, I’m sorry. “

He added that he had not seen a single athlete who achieved his goals in this way, “so that he had such a complaint, whatever that means,” as he characteristically put it, according to many reports. MASS MEDIA, including several sports sites

#MeToo – Πετρούνιας στον ΑΝΤ1: ζητώ ένα τεράστιο συγγνώμη (βίντεο) https://t.co/1tuATXMKTC # Ant1news @ ANT1TV @NChatzinikolaou @Petrounias_E pic.twitter.com/Gu1vvGpBU8

– Ant1news.gr (@AntennaNews) October 21, 2021

Petrunias’ statements caused a wild scandal and a wave of outrage among #MeToo activists, especially on Twitter. and his name and the corresponding hashtag # Πετρουνιας topped the list of requests on Twitter for Greece.

“The Lord of the Rings”, realizing that he would now be mixed with a known substance, rushed to apologize, but the wave has already gone …

Petrunias stated: “The wording about how my thought was perceived completely wrong. I feel obligated to offer a huge apology to all Greeks for this distortion of my thoughts. “

Then Lefteris Petrunias added: “I supported Korakaki, symbolizing the equality of the two sexes. We held online seminars with Sofia Bekatoru to deal with all these incidents and how to resolve them. I am the father of two girls, and I am concerned about the rotten society in which we live. “

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