Cockroaches terrify the inhabitants of Greece

In recent days in the Poros and Pateles districts of Heraklion, Crete, the locals have been fighting an unequal battle with millions of cockroaches.

According to them, cockroaches crawled out of the open wells of the city sewage system ΔΕΥΑΗ (ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΗ ΥΔΡΕΥΣΗΣ ΑΠΟΧΕΤΕΥΣΗΣ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟΥ), in which the municipal services are now carrying out work, in connection with which residents armed themselves with cans of dichlorvos and fought hordes of insects.

According to CRETE TV, the entire area was “occupied” by vile barbel.

“The sewers were clogged and myriads of cockroaches came out,” says a local resident, adding: “We hold insecticides in our hands to keep these critters from entering our homes and shops. The only thing that the officials told us was that tomorrow at noon a global disinfection of the drains and wells of the city’s sewerage system will be carried out. ”

What diseases do cockroaches carry?

Cockroaches are dangerous because they are carriers of many diseases: dysentery, gastroenteritis, a number of urogenital infections, salmonellosis, meningitis, pneumonia.

“In search of shelter, cockroaches are able to crawl into the ear canal, and severe inflammation occurs. lips, fingertips. Redness, itching and induration appear, “experts say.

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