27-year-old girl was beaten and robbed while holding a gun at gunpoint

A young woman, a resident of Aegio, had to endure nightmarish moments when she was attacked by three brutal robbers. The girl was beaten and threatened with a weapon. The victim is currently in the hospital.

Three masked robbers beat and robbed a 27-year-old young woman. Her experiences, as she describes them to the journalists of the Peloponnis newspaper, were nightmarish.

The perpetrators attacked the victim while she was driving in the car. At some point, a man in a hood and a balaclava mask (full face) appeared in front of the bumper of the car, and another rushed to her and opened the car door.

The moments that followed were nightmarish. “One stood right in front of me and pointed a gun at me, while the other, threatening with a knife, began to demand money. I got scared and told him that I would give everything if they did not touch me. I was scared … I did not know what would happen next … I didn’t let myself lose consciousness by an effort of will, ”the victim recalls.

One of the thoughts that crossed her mind was to step on the gas pedal and drive away, but the sight of the gun stopped her. “It was a 50/50 decision, and I had no idea how the offender would react and how it all could end,” said the victim.

“I told them that I would give the money, but when I reached for my bag to get my wallet out of it and give it to them, I received a severe blow. The man began to beat me on the head and body. And then I fainted, ”she said about the incident in the Hatzi area in Egio.

The robbery victim was taken to hospital, where she was found to have a broken rib and facial injuries. The incident occurred at noon on Tuesday, when a girl, driving her car from Κρήνη Αιγιαλείας to the center of Aegio, suddenly saw three hooded men in front of her, blocking her path.

The criminals, having stolen 400 euros, which she had with her and were intended to purchase goods for her own store, fled. An investigation is underway.

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