Who is behind the reports of human rights defenders about the harsh treatment of illegal migrants?

In early October, a number of Western media appeared messages O rude treatment of migrants recorded at the borders of several EU countries.

The reaction of Brussels was not long in coming: European Commissioner for Internal Affairs of the EU Ilva Johansson called on the authorities of Greece, Romania and Croatia to investigate the incidents as soon as possible. She also hinted that someone is in charge of all the “reprisals” at the borders, and there is convincing evidence of the misuse of EU funds.

Telegram channel author Balkan gossip figured out the situation especially for publication New Age
The inappropriate behavior of border guards was first reported by human rights defenders from Amnesty International and Lighthouse Reports. Dutch NGOs even published footage of masked persons beating migrants on the Croatian-Bosnian border. And at the same time, a report on how the states of Eastern Europe since the beginning of 2020 have carried out hundreds of actions against refugees as part of a “violent campaign with unjustified cruelty.” The testimony of the victims and the video materials were carefully collected by the journalists of Lighthouse Reports for eight months. The resonance from the publication was such that literally the next day Zagreb launched an investigation, and three border guards were dismissed from their posts.

Concerned about the fate of refugees, Lighthouse Reports positions itself as a non-profit organization that conducts independent investigative journalism. However, in reality, the list of its sponsors is replete with the names of foundations and structures that directly testify to its engagement. So, among them the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation and the Democracy and Media Foundation, OAK Foundationowned by British billionaire Alan Parker, and the Open Society of George Soros (the organization was declared undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation). The media mogul does not hide his attitude to the issues of “cultural enrichment” in Europe. Four years ago, a resource controlled by Soros published material about the fact that migrant carriers are in no way connected with smugglers. And in 2016, in the midst of the migration crisis, he allocated $ 500 million in social investment to help European migrants.

Such “independent” human rights defenders have been calculating cases of cruelty towards migrants crossing the border for a long time. And such incidents are always widely reported by liberal mass mediaforming a picture for the reader infringement cruel law enforcement officers of the unfortunate and disadvantaged refugees. At the same time, they prefer to remain silent about the consequences of the deepest migration crisis that Europe is facing, as well as about the Islamization of the European continent.

Another Dutch “independent” media outlet, Bellingcat, recently recognized as a foreign agent in Russia, is also campaigning against the EU’s External Borders Agency (FRONTEX). One of the areas of her investigative activity is supporting illegal migration to the United States and Europe. The NGO devoted several articles to criticism of the actions of Greek law enforcement agencies for the mistreatment of migrants. All of them were financed through the J4EU (Investigative Journalism for Europe) mechanism, which exists at the expense of the same Soros Open Society. And from Lighthouse Reports, a group of “enthusiasts” founded by Eliot Higgins last year received grant for 15 thousand euros. In addition, one of the Bellingcat team members, Bashar Deeb, who bills himself as an “open source research journalist”, works directly with Lighthouse Reports.

It is not surprising that in their materials the organizations rely on general theses in favor of the complete opening of the borders of European states for hordes of migrants. After all, this is the ultimate goal of their common sponsor, who, unlike the inhabitants of its countries, only benefits from the creeping Islamization of Europe.

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