My dear chicken: rising prices for poultry meat production

Poultry officials urge the government to take measures to prevent a new round of prices.

“If our industry does not receive support, and primary production as a whole, in order to cope with the wave of growth in energy resources, any government support for households will practically” come to naught “, as our companies will have to shift additional costs to consumers (due to price increases for the final product), ”the National Interprofessional Poultry Organization mentions in a letter to the Deputy Minister of Rural Development Simos Kedikoglu.

The letter makes a specific reference to the increase in the cost of electricity, which will significantly complicate the operation of poultry farms, and ultimately exacerbate the economic consequences of the pandemic. And this is all happening against the backdrop of an increase in the cost of feed.

EDOP (DEI Administrative and Financial Personnel Association) points out that there is no way to further contain rising costs, so there will be a price burden for end users, increasing the cost of production by up to 8%.

The leaders urge the government, in parallel with measures to support households from rising energy prices, to carefully consider appropriate support for companies in the primary sector, and in particular, poultry.

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