Russia: school shooters “get younger”

In the Russian village of Sars, Perm Territory, a sixth grader put his classmates against a wall and opened fire.

The incident is reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda Perm. A sixth grade student, at the barrel of a Saiga carbine and shouting “Everybody stand!”, Lined up his classmates along the wall and started shooting. Fortunately, the bullets hit the door and the ceiling for lack of skills. According to the publication, only one student was injured – a shard of glass cut his leg.

During the attack, the teenager shouted: “God has possessed me!” The headmaster managed to persuade him to lower the weapon and go into the office. The schoolchildren were evacuated from the building and sent home.

As it turned out, the gunman wanted to take revenge on the girl who mocked him. To do this, he secretly took his father’s hunting carbine and came with him to school. In the family of a teenager, the situation is unfavorable – the student said that his father was mocking his mother. He is in a prehysteric state and needs the help of specialists.

A source told TASS that the teenager will not be prosecuted. According to Russian law, this is impossible in relation to a person under 14 years old, and the shooter is only 12. But, by a court decision, he can be placed in a special educational institution of a closed type.

The shooter’s father works at a plant in the city of Chelyabinsk. After the divorce, the boy stayed with his mother. According to the parent, they communicate with their son on the phone every day, and only yesterday the conversation did not take place, according to the Baza edition.

In May, our publication wrote about the tragedy that occurred in Kazan gymnasium Russia. On the morning of May 11, 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviev opened fire at an educational institution. The tragic events began at 09:20, the signal from the alarm button at the educational institution arrived at 09:25. According to a source in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, at that moment there were 714 children and about 70 employees in the building, including 52 teachers. Shortly before the attack on the school, the attacker reported on the Telegram channel about your intention attacks and subsequent settling of accounts with life. TASS was told at the TISBI college that Ilnaz Galyaviev studied there, but he was expelled due to debt.

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