KKE: New agreement on military bases is a dangerous link in the country’s involvement in US military plans

The Greek Communist Party issued an appeal in which the “Greek-American defense agreement” is called offensive and conducive to “drawing our country into the military plans of the United States and NATO in the wider region.”

In his statement on the modification of the “Greek-American defense agreement” and on the statements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece N. Dendias and US Secretary of State Ent. Blinken Press Service of the Central Committee of the KKE notes:

“The so-called ‘defensive’ but in reality very offensive agreement between Greece and the US is a dangerous link in our country’s involvement in the US and NATO military plans in the wider region. In addition, the US Secretary of State’s reference to Greece’s contribution to the war in Afghanistan allows for many new Afghanistanists with the active participation of the Greek side.

This agreement, which was signed for 5 years, and then will be extended indefinitely, turns the entire territory of Greece into an immense imperialist US-NATO foothold, providing for the modernization of existing military bases, the creation of new ones, the provision of military camps, infrastructure and other benefits for the military needs of the United States. … These plans are part of the NATO 2030 strategy and the movement of huge amounts of military forces to Eastern Europe, which are associated with competition with Russia and China. This role is also fulfilled by the modernization of the port of Alexandroupoli as a staging ground for operations and military exercises of the American army.

Continuing the strategic dialogue, renewing the agreement with the United States signed by the SYRIZA government, the ND government has a huge responsibility to the Greek people. It turns the country into the executioner of other peoples, as well as into a possible target of retaliation in the framework of exacerbating contradictions that take on a military character. At the same time, it fuels competition with the Turkish bourgeoisie.

The statement that in this way “the security of the country and its borders from Turkish aggression is ensured” is completely false and misleading. At the same time, the United States and NATO are bargaining with their ally Turkey for its separation from Russian influence, while their main concern is maintaining the cohesion of NATO’s southeastern flank. Therefore, US Secretary of State E. Blinken throws dust in his eyes with his letter about support for the sovereign rights of Greece and respect for international law. Similar statements were made in the past by former US Secretary of State M. Pompeo, but this not only did not smooth over the dangerous situation in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, but, on the contrary, intensified the escalation of Turkish aggression. However, history is full of examples of agreements and statements that remained on paper, as part of the constant reshuffle of imperialist alliances.

The agreement with the United States, like the corresponding agreement with France, ultimately serves the purpose of increasing the geostrategic role of Greek capital, and for their own interests the Greek governments take on the role of “henchman” in imperialist plans and competition, putting the Greek people in great danger. This, in any case, is confirmed by a special reference to the business and trade agreements accompanying the military agreement.

Today, more than ever, the formation and strengthening of a popular front is needed, the abolition of these shameful offensive agreements, the closure of foreign military bases in the country, the return of Greek military missions from abroad, the withdrawal of Greece from alliances such as NATO and the EU. “

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