€ 900 in December: who will receive the social dividend and how it is calculated

Thousands of vulnerable households will receive double assistance in the form of a “social dividend”, the amount of which will reach 900 euros.

The support, announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the Thessaloniki International Fair in September, is expected to be issued by Christmas.

This year’s “social dividend” applies to poor households and, in particular, all those who already receive a minimum guaranteed income (formerly KEA). The number of beneficiaries this year ranges from 270,000 to 280,000.

“The state has decided to provide additional financial support to vulnerable citizens. Thus, in December, all recipients of the minimum guaranteed income will be paid twice the amount they usually receive. It is an act of helping out before the holidays for those who need it most, ”said Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The new “social dividend” will reach 900 euros. For example:

If someone receives KEA 200 euros, then in December he will receive 400. Similarly, if he receives KEA 400 euros, he will receive 800 euros.

As a reminder, KEA is calculated as follows:

200 euros per person. Increase of € 100 for an adult participant. An increase of 50 euros for each minor child.

For a household to receive a “social dividend”, that is, a double KEA, there is no need to submit an application, since the amounts will be calculated by the system automatically. It should be noted that finance staff are considering paying the amount on a “social dividend” basis to low-income retirees as well as healthcare workers, as happened at Easter.

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