Beijing rejects hypersonic missile test

China has denied information about the tests of a hypersonic missile that has spread around the world and claims to have tested a spacecraft.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that an innovative technology was being tested, designed to significantly reduce the cost of space exploration. The refutation was voiced at a briefing on October 18 from the mouth of the official representative of the department Zhao Lijian:

“These were tests of the spacecraft. They were organized to validate the technology for reusing the spacecraft.”

Lijian also clarified that the wreckage of the burnt-out vehicle fell into the sea.

Just the day before, the Financial Times, citing sources, reported that China had tested a hypersonic missile in August. The new missile, with a hypersonic gliding aircraft, is capable of carrying nuclear weapons. She safely flew through low-orbit space, confidently circled the globe and descended to hit the target. Here, however, there was a nuisance – the hit did not work due to a short flight of about 32 km. Still, the tests can rightfully be considered successful, they demonstrated that China has made “amazing progress in the development of hypersonic weapons.” Sources of The Financial Times noted that usually such tests are announced. In this case, they came as a surprise and shocked experts in US intelligence, who admitted, “We have no idea how they did it.”

Our publication hastened to convey this information to their readers.

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