Expert opinion: Russia and Turkey on the brink of war

Erdogan’s decision to transfer a large contingent of troops to Syria, experts say, actually puts Russia and Turkey on the brink of war.

Svobodnaya Pressa analysts, reporting on the accumulation of large military formations in the Idlib region, believe this is the result of Erdogan’s failed negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Experts say that today the Russian military, in consequence of the order of the Turkish president, are under threat:

“Descendants of the Janissaries will shoot at Russian soldiers if they try to take Idlib.”

Turkish soldiers dig in in the province of Idlib. There are only a few hundred meters between their new outpost and the positions of the Syrian government forces. Arab sources speak of the transfer of Turkish military equipment and special forces to the conflict zone, to the village of Afes, where a large number of pro-Turkish militants are already stationed.

Experts believe that, in spite of the planned offensive of Assad’s troops with the support of the Russian military, the Turkish president ordered the holding of Idlib. The front line today is the M4 highway. Along it there are a large number of radical Islamists who support the “descendants of the Janissaries” and are resolutely opposed to the Russian contingent and the official Syrian troops.

“Free press” notes that Turkey’s actions have already paralyzed a third of Syria’s economy. Experts believe that in order to eliminate the Turkish troops from strategic territories, Damascus may launch a military operation. At the same time, Assad only needs a victory. Otherwise, the question will certainly arise about the inability of the Syrian president to protect his state from the invasion of foreign troops. Experts are also confident that the Syrian leader will coordinate all his actions with Moscow.

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