The mystery of the death of Russian tourists in Albania – an investigation by journalists

ABC News Albania tried to find out the details of the deaths of Russian citizens in the sauna. As it turned out, they were not in the sauna …

As the journalists managed to find out, at the time of their death, the Russians were not in the sauna. They actually ordered it after returning from a walk, but, as previously stated, did not have time to use this service. The bodies were found friday evening, according to the hotel employee who discovered them:

“I tried several times to inform them that the ordered drinks and fruits are ready. When no one answered me, I went inside the sauna. One of them was lying on a sun lounger, two on a bench, and the fourth was sitting with his legs dangling into the pool. suffocated. “

However, judging by the video from the surveillance cameras on the territory of the hotel, vacationers never went to the sauna. Then how could they suffocate, asks the publication Satellite?

As the journalist of ABC News Albania Leonid Musai managed to find out, the Russians arrived on Sunday. On October 15, they ordered a sauna after returning from a walk. They didn’t have dinner at the hotel. At about 10 pm they were found dead, in the position described by a hotel employee. “The main mystery is what they ate or drank during the day,” the journalist writes, not excluding the version of the poisoning.

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