11 times higher risk of dying in unvaccinated patients with complications of COVID-19

Scientists at the CDC (US Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), having studied statistics for the current year, concluded that unvaccinated patients with coronavirus die 11.3 times more often than those who received both doses of the vaccine.

Scientists discoveredthat the risk of infection in the unvaccinated is much higher – an average of 6.1 times, reports TASS. Thus, doctors say, vaccinations against coronavirus help to transfer the disease more easily and avoid death. They note, however, that none of the current vaccines provide 100% protection, but help to avoid the worst.

The results of a study by Swedish scientists are also interesting. They found that the more people around a person who have been vaccinated or have had COVID-19, the less likely they are to become infected. Researchers call this clear relationship “dose-effect”.

Earlier, experts from the World Health Organization said that vaccination saves from death when infected with the Delta strain.

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