Fuel oil prices in Greece are 46% higher than in 2020; natural gas increased by 48.5%

Heating oil sales in Greece for the 2021-2022 season began on Friday, when prices rose 46% over the previous season. Natural gas increased by 48.5%. These prices make it difficult for many households to afford it.

Prices start at € 1.17 per liter in Athens and Thessaloniki and are much higher in remote areas or on islands where transport costs are added, reaching € 1.25 – 1.35 / liter.

Reportedly mass media from Crete, the price of fuel oil in Heraklion on Friday morning was 1.23-1.25 euros, which is 480 euros more expensive than last year.

The price per liter was € 0.80 in October 2020 and around 1 euro in April 2021, when the heating season practically ends.

Filling a tank of 1000 liters will cost 1,170 euros, up from 800 euros a year earlier.

Heating homes with natural gas will make it even harder to keep up with energy prices this year. It used to be about 35-40% cheaper than heating oil, but due to increased energy consumption this year it has become 2.5% more expensive than heating oil.

At the beginning of the heating season, the price of natural gas is almost twice as high as last year, and for the first time exceeds the rate for heating oil: from 4.5 cents per kilowatt of heat energy last year, the price of gas increased. this month up to 8 cents / kWh, which is 2.5% more expensive than fuel oil, reported mass media

Reportedly that last month a major natural gas supplier raised the price to € 0.05401 / kWh from € 0.0155 in September 2020.

Last week, the Greek government announced subsidies about one million households for fuel oil and electricity used for heating. Also a 15% discount for companies supplying natural gas for the purpose of transferring it to end consumers.

However, subsidies represent only a small fraction of the total costs that will burden households if they insist on spending the winter in warm environments.

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