Among the ATM robbers is a famous rapper

The criminal organization was liquidated by the Property Crime Investigation Directorate of the Attica Police Department, whose members committed theft of ATMs, including a 26-year-old famous rapper.

Casinos, clubs, gambling, luxury cars worth up to 100,000 euros, which were boasted on social networks, “did not bring to good.”

As it became known, a criminal group of 5 people was found involved in the explosion of 27 ATMs using the PLOFKRAAK method (insulation of the ATM slots with silicone and the explosion of gas pumped into the ATM using a cylinder of liquefied gas (LPG), a light bulb and a battery were used to detonate).
The robbers managed to obtain loot worth about 1,000,000 euros.

Among them is a 26-year-old famous rapper who posted his new song on the Internet a day after his arrest. Dozens of 50 euro banknotes are defiantly scattered on the ground, and he himself poses with a pistol in his hand, an empty store, against the background of an expensive sports car.

This is a scene from a video clip of a 26-year-old two-faced “fortune hunter” who has shown himself not only in the field of music, but also in the frequent “outings” of a criminal group. The Lamia police handcuffed him, along with three other members of the criminal organization.

The fifth was detained by officers from the Property Crime Investigation Department in the Olympic Village.

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