A Christmas gift from the government 900 euros. But not everyone

The government is looking for ways to ensure that vulnerable populations receive a social dividend for Christmas, but the energy crisis, skyrocketing electricity and fuel prices are giving the Greek Finance Ministry leadership a thought.

Earlier it was reported that a social dividend of up to 900 euros will be paid to citizens at Christmas. In addition, it was assumed that the “surplus” would also be given to an additional group of beneficiaries – low-income pensioners and doctors. However, apparently, the statement was rushed. And it is unlikely that after the distribution of the amount available to the government to support citizens, something will go to an additional group of beneficiaries, since the conditions created by the energy crisis are forcing the government to reconsider its views.

According to various government ministers, it is very likely that the costs of the energy crisis will increase if prices rise again. This, of course, affects the state budget surplus, formed as a result of the expected growth of more than 6% in 2021. In this case, the provision of social dividends to such groups of citizens as low-income pensioners and medical workers will be blocked.

The final decision will be made in November
The next month will be decisive, as the milestone is set in the middle. Until then, the situation with rising prices is expected to clear up.


The Minimum Guaranteed Income (formerly KEA), paid by OPECA on the last business day of the month, is a social security program for approximately 273,000 vulnerable households (482,335 vulnerable citizens).

The guaranteed amount is determined as follows:

For a family of 2 adults, assistance is paid in the amount of EUR 300. If you pay twice in December, the amount will reach 600 euros. The guaranteed amount is increased by 50 euros for each minor family member. For example, a family of 2 adults and one minor receives a total of 350 euros. If paid in December, they will receive € 700. A family with 2 adults and 2 minors receives a total of 400 euros. If paid in December – 800 euros.

The maximum amount of the guaranteed amount is set at 900 euros per month, regardless of the composition of the family. Thus, with payment in December, recipients will see an additional 900 euros.

Last year, 256,563 families received double assistance. However, according to the August census, the number of vulnerable households fell to 215,000.

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