Ukraine proposed to Russia "squid game"

Ukraine has offered Russia to play one of the games that were shown in the acclaimed Korean TV series Squid Game. Moreover, the task was immediately given an impossible one.

The corresponding message was published on the official Twitter account of Ukraine.

In one of the most popular Netflix series, The Squid Game, the heroes played children’s games, while the losers were killed, and the winner was to receive a large sum of money.

In the third series, the essence of the game was to cut a figure out of caramel with a needle. If at the same time the caramel broke, the participant was killed. The players received different shapes, someone a circle, which is easy to cut, and someone an umbrella, which is almost impossible to cut without breaking the caramel.

– Players, open the case and check the contents


– Ukraine / Ukraine (@Ukraine) October 12, 2021

A meme was posted on the Twitter account of Ukraine, which is a reference to this series. “Players, open the case and check the contents” – said in the message. Further, Russia is marked there, which allegedly received the Ukrainian coat of arms. It is almost impossible to carve the coat of arms of Ukraine, a very complex figure, so this is an impossible task.

The Russian leadership did not react to such a strange statement, but commentators have already suggested that Zelensky play Russian roulette: “The Makarov system pistol, Zelensky pulls the trigger first!”

PS All this would be funny if it weren’t so sad. When such things are done at such a high level, such a state becomes difficult to take seriously. Or did Zelensky forget that this is not the 95th quarter?

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