The trick of the unvaccinated to enter gated entertainment venues

The government’s tactic of shifting responsibility for covid protocol compliance to entrepreneurs and staff appears to have failed miserably.

The government has given the green light to reopening entertainment venues despite warnings from experts about the increased risk of indoor transmission, even for those vaccinated.

Bars, clubs and bouzoukas opened their doors again, happily receiving their visitors. But, as it became clear, not all of them are vaccinated, as required by new government measures.

As you know, the authorities, using the usual tactics of “distribution of responsibilities between citizens” (rescuing drowning people is the work of the drowning themselves), divided society into two categories: vaccinated and unvaccinated, forbidding the latter to return to “normal life.”

But who is in charge of controlling their entrances to restaurants and entertainment stores? Of course, employees and business owners who were called to become Cerberus and, in addition to their jobs, must monitor all clients who enter the premises.

But how much is this possible? For several months now, businessmen and staff have been shouting that they “are not law enforcement agencies, they do not intend to” search “citizens and check identity documents at the entrance.”

But, as they say, the “cart” is still there ….

Unvaccinated with “borrowed” certificates
So what was the result of this strategy? Those who are not vaccinated came up with the following: you need to take a certificate from a relative, friend or acquaintance and freely enter the places of food and entertainment.

This phenomenon may not be observed everywhere, but a large percentage of companies do not verify the ID, which means they do not ask the customer for it. At the same time, there are many cases where unvaccinated clients claim that they forgot their certificate or ID at home, and, in order to avoid quarrels and unrest, many entrepreneurs allow them to enter.

According to the report, in many entertainment establishments in Patras, there was a large percentage of stores where employees do not verify the identity of the visitor who presents them with a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of a previous illness. As a young man told the newspaper, his friends can go to have fun practically “freely”. He sent a QR code to only five of his friends.

Despite the huge fines, entrepreneurs, who have been on the brink of bankruptcy all these months, focus on how to “survive”, and control them carelessly. Not only because the burden of their attention falls on customer service, but also because many morally refuse to ask for identity cards and act as police officers.

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