The studies of a nine-year-old student of Moscow State University are not going very smoothly, and even more so

The father of 9-year-old Alisa Teplyakova, the youngest student at Lomonosov Moscow State University, complains of threats against her.

Alisa Teplyakova, as our publication said, successfully passed the exam at the age of 8 in the Russian language, mathematics, biology and computer science, having received a certificate at the Moscow school №626. She received her 9th grade graduation document at the age of seven. Alice’s interests are in psychology, ecology and bioinformatics.

And although she did not manage to get on the budget of Moscow State University, the girl’s parents entered into an agreement for paid education. The dream of a talented child has come true – she studies at the Faculty of Psychology Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, according to RIA Novosti. However, not everything goes smoothly. Alisa’s father, Evgeny Teplyakov, complained about threats against the family and the persecution of the girl. He says that recently, a huge number of attacks not only interfere with the girl’s learning process, but also disrupt the process of raising other children (and there are seven of them in the family):

“Instead of teaching the child, instead of learning from experience in this unique situation, instead of giving support to the family, unknown persons are trying to organize persecution, trying to make us look like clowns. We have records on which Alice They promise to break their hands: “She will not study here,” “We will throw her out,” “Daddy will be closed in a psychiatric hospital.” Those who post messages have almost always unnamed sources. Some classmates, supposedly some parents. “

The man is outraged that, instead of caring for children, he has to respond to threats and attacks. Evgeny also complained about some negative media outlets spreading slander. It is impossible even to contact the police, since there are a lot of such ill-wishers. At the same time, Teplyakov notes, representatives of the university speak positively of their daughter, including the rector of Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy:

“It turns out that some people purposefully write dirt and slander that has nothing to do with our family.”

Earlier, Alisa’s classmates shared with the media that she “plays with a smoke in the antiseptic apparatus during breaks,” expressing sympathy for her age. However, the mother of a nine-year-old student finds nothing wrong with this:

“It’s not very clear: is it forbidden to play between couples? Or is it a reason to feel sorry for the child?

The woman is pleased with her daughter’s progress, but nevertheless there is time for fun and games in her schedule. And everything would be fine if it were not for the threats received and not for problems with attendance. The father claims that Alice is allegedly threatened with expel due to absence from classes, citing the words of unnamed teachers:

“We will not give you anything, you cannot go ahead, we will not allow you, we will not give you anyone’s contacts, we will not answer your questions. You will sit here and we will evaluate you. You will have attendance control. , you will have problems, we will expel you for non-attendance. “

Most likely this is due to ambitious plans to shorten the study time and get a diploma earlier. Teplyakov’s particular indignation is that “some representatives of the university do not intend to allocate time and funds to solve the difficulties associated with the girl’s education,” while Moscow State University “should abandon formalities and close their eyes to attendance in her case.”

However, it is difficult to vouch for the correctness of his statements, since Teplyakov, they say, is inherent in litigation (not only in relations with the faculty, but also with a variety of authorities: school, guardianship). Either this is just a psychological projection, or some teacher, annoyed by his demands, really lost control of himself and expressed his opinion on how to solve the problem of Alice and her father …

In general, Moscow State University has no other way, it should be admitted. An active parent will come up with more and more demands – a man has exceptional energy, mental health is also in order. So either the faculty will dance around them, ignoring the interests of other students, or you will still have to apply a radical solution.

After all, the situation will not be limited to Alice, there are six more children in the family: Leia, Heimdall, Terra, Feilung, Aylung and Theseus. Feilung and Theseus are still small enough for higher education, but 7-year-old Heimdall is already preparing to enter, the next are Leia, Terra and Ailung. How this will happen can be illustrated by the example of Alice. The teacher is the same – dad Teplyakov.

Therefore, the problem that has arisen cannot be solved only by deducting Alice. Contestation of such a decision will certainly follow, and besides, it will be possible to act again. Well, and then – the arrival of the following geeks. There is only one way out: the decision to ban admission to universities for persons under 14 years of age. But even with such a decision, it will not work to expel Alice – the law has no retroactive effect.

Some will say that attitudes towards a young student may be biased. But at stake is the normal education of other MSU students. How did they deserve the current situation and the “dancing” around the undeniably talented, but still not “ripe” for higher education Alisa Teplyakova?

Before Alice’s admission to the faculty declared their readiness support the girl and told that at Moscow State University, and in particular at the Faculty of Psychology, the system of tutoring works effectively. The term “tutor” in translation from English means “mentor”, “guardian”, “guardian”. Undergraduate students take patronage over newcomers, help freshmen adapt to their studies and new situations. The faculty also conducts various trainings and master classes: on reducing anxiety and stress, teaching public speaking skills, and developing emotional intelligence. Perhaps the problem is that the girl’s dad took over the role of the tutor?

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