Romanian man brutally beaten for cementing his wife

They severely beat in prison the suspect in the murder of the roommate Monica Gius, whose body was found cemented in the courtyard of the house where the couple used to live.

According to Greek media reports, a brutal attack on a Romanian prisoner who was arrested a few weeks ago took place in Nafplion prison.

According to, the attack on the Romanian was carried out by an Albanian. After the massacre, the Romanian was taken to hospital, where he was not found to be seriously injured or injured, although he was severely beaten. After the examination, the victim was returned to the prison and placed in another cell.

Sources from the prisons of Nafplion talk about ordinary clashes between prisoners, not about the observance of the “unwritten laws” of prisons.

Chronicle of the crime in Cypress
About 11 months ago Monica Gius ended up in a hospital in Kyparissia in serious condition. There she said that it was “the handiwork of her husband.” Nevertheless, when she was discharged from the hospital, the tyrant came to meet her. “As soon as the recovered woman saw him, she immediately reacted sharply and could hardly hold back her tears. From what she told some of her roommates, her husband was very cruel to her. And she wanted to leave him, ”- said the witness of the incident.

Traces of the 42-year-old woman have gone missing since February last year. The search was covered by the television program Light in the Tunnel. Shortly thereafter, her husband left Greece, despite the fact that his wife was never found.

In late August, new residents of the Cyparissia home, where the couple previously lived, noticed a difference in the color of the cement in one part of the house. Deciding to see what is there, tenants stumbled upon a corpse

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