Late Doctor Visits Increase COVID-19 Mortality

Doctor of Medical Sciences Vladislav Zhemchugov, an immunologist, a specialist in especially dangerous infections, speaks about the importance of a timely visit to a doctor.

Talking to reporters TASS the expert noted that the high mortality rate from COVID-19 is associated, among other things, with late seeking help. In the case of coronavirus, timely diagnosis and treatment initiated as early as possible are very important:

“One of the reasons for the high mortality rate may be that treatment begins very late, the buildup goes on for a long time. People think: it is necessary or not, they wait for a doctor for a long time, then they wait a long time for the analysis, and it takes 7-10 days only to start treatment. already now it has also become more severe – on the fourth day already severe pneumonia. “

The immunologist focuses on the fact that timely diagnosis and the correct choice of methods for treating coronavirus help reduce the increase in mortality. He is sure that it is necessary to improve the methods of treatment:

“The treatment is now inadequate to what is happening with the changes in the virus.”

According to the federal operational headquarters, 7,804,774 cases of infection have already been registered in Russia. Coped with the disease and recovered 6 873 579 people, died 217 372. Resource stopcoronavirus.rf, launched by the government, informs about the situation with the coronavirus in the country.

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