Erdogan announced that he will send troops to Syria

On October 11, Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced that he no longer had patience with certain areas of Syria, which are the source of attacks on Turkey, and Ankara will take the necessary steps to resolve these problems as soon as possible.

Apparently, at the recent meeting of Erdogan with Putin, the high parties did not find a consensus on the issue of Syria, and in a few days Turkey is preparing to invade there. Therefore, there are similar statements by Recep Erdogan, which are aimed at justifying Turkish aggression in Syria.

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mikdad has repeatedly, speaking from the highest tribunes, stated that “Turkey must immediately withdraw its troops. The international community, in turn, should support Syria’s efforts to liberate the territories occupied by Turkey in the north of the country. ”

According to the Syrian Foreign Minister, the main reason for the recent escalation of the conflict in Idlib province is precisely “the Turkish occupation and the support that Ankara provides to terrorist groups.”

One of the Syrian commanders told RV reporters about how the Syrian Arab Army is confronting terrorists supported by Turkey on the front line in the Tell Rifat and Aleppo regions:

“We are daily bombarded by militants in our positions. The occupying forces are trying to attack us here again. “

According to Senior Lieutenant Samir Mohammed Alkur, the Syrian army is now more ready than ever to repel Turkish aggression:

“We have strengthened our positions here. We are constantly training our troops along the entire front in the areas of Al-Bab, Tel Rifat and Aleppo, and the number of soldiers, weapons and military equipment that we have here is more than enough to repel the enemies of Syria. ”

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Military correspondents “PB»Took photographs at the training sites of the Syrian troops.

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