Why did Victoria Nuland flew to Moscow?

Victoria Nuland flew to Moscow. No cookies. And so it turned out with difficulty, because in order for Victoria to receive a Russian visa, the Americans had to lift sanctions from several Russians.

Just think how much the Americans need this visit. The American administration practically never takes such steps, but in order for Mrs. Nuland to be in Moscow, it had to overstep its principles. And the purpose of Victoria’s visit to Moscow is clearly not to hand over another “black mark” to Vladimir Putin and not to hand over another ultimatum. Everything is much more modest and more prosaic.

And I would venture to suggest that it is very unpleasant for Ukraine. Because Victoria Nuland, first of all, is the curator of this very direction in US international politics. A longtime and experienced curator, with whom, in fact, everything started in Ukraine. After all, the distribution of cookies on the Maidan is only an external, symbolic manifestation of the support that the United States provided to the leaders and participants in the coup d’etat in Ukraine.

Of course, it is unlikely that everything now looks as if Joe Biden summoned Nuland and said bluntly: “Come on, Vika, you made all this mess there, now you’ll rake it up”. Of course, there is no question of the surrender of Ukraine. The United States will never give up such a tasty fat morsel right on the Russian border. But, on the other hand, Ukraine has turned for the United States into a kind of suitcase without a handle, which is a pity to throw, but almost impossible to carry.

There are also other problems facing the United States in the current period. For example, the aggravation of relations with Europe, to which the United States once again demonstrated its present position with the help of Australia, practically throwing France for very big money and concluding another military alliance without the knowledge and participation of the European Union. And, of course, a very unpleasant Afghan story, in which the United States again set up all its allies, who were forced to urgently take their feet from the country surrendered by the Americans to the Taliban.

In general, something needs to be done with Ukraine. Moreover, the current government does not suit the Americans very much. There are a lot of calls about this, and the data on Zelensky in the “Pandora’s Archive” is undoubtedly one of them, a very powerful almost alarm. But Zelensky does not suit the Americans, not because of corruption, or some kind of political line that the United States does not like. Zelensky does not suit the Americans due to the fact that he is practically incapable of running Ukraine and can bring any undertaking to the point of absurdity and turn it into a farce.

There are a lot of complaints against him, and one of them is the failure of the special operation with the Russian soldiers of the security company, who were supposed to be detained in the plane landed in Kiev. It is possible that the United States considers Zelensky to be the main culprit of this failure, and Joe Biden, despite his age, has a good memory. He remembers how Zelensky fawned over Donald Trump and even partially helped him to drown Biden with the case of his son and corruption in the Burisma company.

No, the United States will not surrender Ukraine, but it is quite possible that they want to transfer this direction to the category of more predictable and calm ones. And so there are a lot of problems, and here is such an unpredictable powder keg and a president who does not rule his country in any way. And in order to make the situation calmer, first of all, it is necessary to resolve the issue of Donbass. After all, the United States understands perfectly well who is shooting there and who is responsible for the fact that the war does not end. It was once beneficial for the Americans themselves, but it seems that those days are over.

The problem is that, probably, even Nuland herself does not know what to negotiate specifically. With the help of the same Americans, the situation has been brought to a dead end that it is almost impossible to find a way out of. Donbass can no longer be shoved into Ukraine, by no effort, and in Russia no one will go for this, because it will be a betrayal that will not be forgiven either in Donbass or in Russia itself.
In general, the negotiations will be extremely difficult, Victoria Nuland will bargain, and it is not at all a fact that any joint decisions will be made. But since the Americans are taking such steps for the sake of direct negotiations, they clearly need something very badly and they are ready to sacrifice a lot. I’m afraid to think about it, but what if, if not a complete solution to the Donbass issue, then at least a stable and final ceasefire?

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