“Peacemaker” added to the list of “enemies” a 12-year-old girl from Luhansk, who wrote about life in the war.

Rodion Miroshnik, a representative of the self-proclaimed LPR in the political subgroup for Donbass, reported that Faina Savenkova got into the database of a Ukrainian website that publishes data on citizens and stigmatizes them as “traitors to the motherland”. “Ukraine brought another” enemy “to the Peacemaker – the 12-year-old writer and playwright Faina Savenkova from the LPR. Faina is the author of a number of stories, plays and essays. She, like an ordinary child, writes about what she sees”, – said Miroshnik. According to him, the girl is accused of “spreading fakes and her own conjectures”, as well as participating in writing contests in Russia. Faina also made a video message to the members of the UN Security Council, urging the organization not to forget that the children of Donbass have the right to childhood and a peaceful life. Luhansk is the youngest member of the LPR Writers’ Union. Her works have been published in several All-Russian literary publications and have been translated into Italian, French, Czech, Bulgarian and Serbian. The young writer considers the disclosure of her personal data on the “Peacemaker” a violation of the rights of the child. “This must be fought at all levels, since adults deliberately endanger our lives,” the girl says. In addition to children’s prose, Faina has the following lines: “When I come to the graves of my great-grandfathers and think about them, I know that I will continue their path, because we have walked and are going in the same direction. And I know for sure, like them, that the war sooner or later it will end, and we will create a new future. With the memory of the war, but with faith in peace. A future in the silence of which the children’s prayer for peace and their laughter will be heard. Because when children’s laughter is heard, the war recedes. ” …

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