Financial and migrant issues between London and Paris

Friendship is friendship, but money apart. British Home Secretary Damian Hinds vowed to pay France for the migrants.

According to The Associated Press, the money promised to fight the flow of migrants will be paid within “the coming weeks.” This comes against the backdrop of recent tensions between the two countries. Gerald Darmanen, French Interior Minister, reminded the British government during a Saturday trip to the northern regions of the country of its commitment to pay 62.7 million euros.

These are funds to finance the strengthening of French law enforcement on the coast and to fight smugglers. “Flights” of migrants across the English Channel can be safely called regular – in search of a better life, more and more of them, risking their lives, set out on a journey. Stopping this flow is not easy at all.

There is a need to significantly strengthen controls, similar to the one in the port and the Channel Tunnel. This requires people and equipment on the beaches, so the UK needs to “fork out” to buy drones and thermal cameras, motorized and rapid movement in the dunes to intercept boats.

Recently, flights with migrants across the English Channel have become more frequent. Over the past weekend alone, 1,500 people have been rescued. In total, almost 16 thousand migrants tried to get across the English Channel this year, reports Euronews

The United Kingdom attracts migrants by many factors: linguistic, economic, as well as a loyal migration policy – deportations here are not as massive as in many other European countries. However, it looks like things are about to change soon. The British government plans to introduce a bill to reform the asylum system. It is also planned to toughen the penalties, introducing especially strict ones for smugglers.

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