Evia’s nightmare is back: big disasters, flooded houses and destroyed roads

Residents of North Evia are experiencing a disaster: the cyclone “Athena” harshly walked through its territory, destroying everything around.

Heavy rains hit already ravaged Evia, causing massive damage several months after the massive fires that engulfed it.

Roads turned into rivers, the asphalt pavement deteriorated and was partially demolished at sea. In the Mantudi area, the largest destruction was recorded.

According to Mantoudi Deputy Mayor Dimitris Skopelitis, four residents were “trapped” in their homes.

Residents of Akhladi and Agia Anna found themselves in an extremely difficult situation: there was a large-scale flooding of the territory of settlements, and the Akhladi beach was completely destroyed.

“Hundreds of flooded houses”
Evia Deputy Governor Georgios Kelaiditis said: “Hundreds of flooded houses, destroyed roads in the provincial network from Elliniki to Agia Anna …. And since there is a risk, traffic will be closed. Both municipalities have been hit hard and we are starting to clean up the provincial and municipal road network in the first phase. ” It also became known that there are dozens of flooded houses in the village of Psaropuli.

Mayor Mantoudi: “There is nothing left to do but to survive”
“After the catastrophic fire, there was a catastrophic flood. Nothing is left of the beaches in Ag. Anna and Akhladi, they are completely destroyed. Rivers flooded houses. There is no communication in all villages. The situation is dramatic. We have hundreds of calls from the population asking for help, ”Mayor Mantudiu told Open.

“We’re trying to see if everything is okay with people. The situation is dire, my eyes have never seen anything like it. In Ag. Anna, Akhladi and Kotsikii are big problems. That night everyone was on their feet, no one slept. We use trucks to take people out of their homes, ”says the mayor.

“The fire department spent the whole night trying to be in time everywhere so that casualties could be avoided. The damage to infrastructure is incalculable. “The rivers, which were streams, became almost 10 meters high and demolished everything in their path,” the official said.

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