Are you taking pain medications correctly?

Russian doctor Alexander Myasnikov warned of a critical error that is possible when taking painkillers.

On the air of the Russia 1 TV channel, Myasnikov argued that pain-relieving drugs can provoke stomach ulcers, increase blood pressure and are dangerous for hypertensive patients. So nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or pain relievers, as they are called, should be handled with caution, says the doctor:

“They provoke a rise in pressure, provoke hypertensive crises, heart attacks and are absolutely contraindicated in heart failure.”

Myasnikov also noted that such drugs negatively affect the kidneys and blood vessels, therefore, in case of malignant, resistant hypertension or hypertension at a young age, it is the kidneys that should be checked in the first place.

Another important recommendation from the doctor is that pain relievers should only be taken in combination with gastric medications, otherwise an ulcer may develop.

If you suffer from persistent back pain, lower back or neck pain, consider whether it is worth enduring it, relieving the condition with pain relievers, or it is better to go to an experienced specialist who can restore great well-being. Patience is called a virtue. But when it comes to neck or lower back pain, this valuable quality becomes questionable. Many make the dangerous mistake of blindly trusting the “omnipotent” pain relievers. Undoubtedly, the pain leaves you for a while, but it returns with enviable constancy. You should not endure and self-medicate. See an orthopedist, neurologist, surgeon, or even better – go directly to an osteopath. The doctor eliminates pain not as a symptom, but treats the cause that caused it.

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