December 11, 2023

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Another failure of Facebook and Instagram

Last night, Downdetector reports, Facebook and Instagram users around the world again complained in large numbers about service outages.

Downdetector, which is designed to track outages and outages of online resources, marks the start of complaints at approximately 9:20 pm. Users from Italy, Germany, USA, Russia, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain and other countries were dissatisfied with the work of Facebook and Instagram.

Among the main complaints are server connection failures, problems with logging into accounts, incorrect display of the news feed.

At 1:15 am, Facebook announced that the social networking sites Facebook and Instagram were back on track after another crash. The corresponding message was posted on the company’s Twitter account: “We have solved the problem. Thanks again for your patience this week. “

Something similar happened in last monday… The reason for the large-scale failure is changes in the configuration of the backbone routers, so the team of engineers said Facebook in its statement. They caused a global disruption in the work of the social network for almost 7 hours.

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