Why does covid carry so many deaths?

The general director of the Center for Immunocorrection told why the death rate from COVID-19 is so high.

Physician-therapist Lyudmila Lapa, General Director of the Center for Immunocorrection. RN Khodanova, shared her opinion on the reasons for the high mortality rate from coronavirus and recommendations on how to reduce this indicator. According to the doctor, the main factor is non-compliance with safety measures, which led to the maximum death rate in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic. The refusal to comply with the measures necessary in a pandemic occurred too early, the expert believes:

“The most important thing with any such infection is the observance of epidemiological conditions. In the metro, out of twenty people, only two are wearing masks, and the rest are not. This plays a big role, and the death rate is growing.”

According to Lapa, “the worst thing” in the current situation is the unwillingness of people to reduce the number of contacts. The doctor assures that it is too early to consider the coronavirus as a “habitual” infection to which humanity has adapted:

“In any epidemic, control over contacts is above all. We do not control them, and this is the worst thing. We transferred the coronavirus to the category of common infections earlier than it deserves. This is a rather complex infection, that’s the whole trouble.”

The second, no less important reason for the large number of deaths associated with coronavirus, quotes the doctor RIA News, this is an exacerbation of chronic diseases, which leads to infection with them. In this case, the complications become more severe than before:

“In general, the consequences have become more from COVID-19, and they are more complex. For example, diabetes and vascular problems are very much aggravated with COVID-19, complex autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are aggravated. The severe consequences of coronavirus infection lead to an even greater increase. mortality “.

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