Research: vaccinations promote new love relationships

Vaccination against the coronavirus appears to be beneficial in privacy, as it also creates a sense of security for new “adventures”, according to a new study recently conducted in Greece.

Seven out of ten young respondents aged 18-34 are already vaccinated, and half of them said they would have sex without fear, even with those who were not vaccinated, because they are protected by the injected drug from covid. In contrast, only three out of ten unvaccinated people will have sex with those who are also unvaccinated.

In a sample of 2,000 people who took part in a new study by the Andrological Institute, 70% decided to get vaccinated, and the main task of the scientists was to capture the mood, fear and superstition that hovered in the minds of the unvaccinated.

The main question of the study was whether it was possible to end a new acquaintance if one of the partners was not vaccinated, or whether vaccination would provide safety for starting a new love affair with a stranger.


The vast majority (71%) believe that the vaccine creates a sense of security when looking for a sexual partner. More than 8 out of 10 say they “don’t hesitate to have an affair with someone who isn’t vaccinated.”

“There were suspicions that fear and the threat of a pandemic would interfere with new acquaintances among young people who, after quarantine, were thirsty for adventures and love pleasures,” notes the president of the Andrological Institute, Dr. Konstantinos Konstantinorgidis, urologist and andrologist.

As it turned out, vaccinated people are not afraid of new sexual relationships. “One interpretation is that if the majority are already vaccinated, they feel relatively safe, even risking transmitting the virus to their unprotected (covid-unvaccinated) partner. death and loneliness.

In contrast, the unvaccinated seem reluctant to forge new relationships with people they did not know, showing that the fear of a pandemic remains strong despite their apparent refusal to continue vaccinating.

The explanation belongs to the field of psychoanalysis, where irrational and metaphysical thinking can become the negation of a logical argument (I am not afraid of anything, I am invulnerable to common infections and pandemics, etc.). Even the very announcement that a covid vaccine had been found (a year ago) boosted libido. This is stated in the corresponding study of the Andrological Institute (“The COVID-19 vaccine also increases libido”, December 2020).

“A large percentage of those vaccinated will have no problem establishing relationships with those who have not been vaccinated, thus showing that the vaccine creates a sense of security for those who have been vaccinated, protecting not only biologically but psychologically the one-night stand lovers.” – says Christos Fliaturas, surgeon-urologist, andrologist. “It is characteristic,” he adds, “that, after all, vaccination gives a feeling of safety also during sexual intercourse.”

As noted, the study was conducted on behalf of the Andrological Institute using an online survey method through the Pollfish platform, on a sample of 2,000 men and women aged 18-34 from all over Greece.

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