How to avoid the severe course of COVID-19

Recent research by scientists shows that there is a simple and effective way to avoid the severe form of coronavirus.

The symptoms of covid are directly related to the number of viral particles in the body, according to scientists at Cairo University. Regular and thorough oral hygiene can help to avoid particularly severe manifestations of the disease, writes the Daily Mail, citing a study by Egyptian experts.

They argue that the mouth can act as a reservoir for the virus, dramatically increasing the concentration of dangerous particles. Scientists tested this theory on a group of 86 patients with COVID-19, who also suffer from heart disease.

After assessing the state of oral hygiene and the severity of the patients’ symptoms, the researchers came to an interesting conclusion: the more time a person spends on oral hygiene, the more easily COVID-19 proceeds, the body has fewer inflammatory processes, and recovery occurs faster.

Ahmed Mustafa Basuoni, author of the study, emphasized that using mouthwash can provide milder symptoms of coronavirus in case of infection.

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