From Austria with love: humanitarian aid to the victims of the fires in North Evia

According to a press release issued by the Greek Society of Austria, 20 tons of humanitarian aid – essential goods for the victims of the fire in North Evia – arrived by road from the port of Patras to their destination.

The humanitarian cargo from Austria was touchingly met by Abbot Geronda (Elder – Ed.) Gabriel, Father Nikodimos, monks of the Monastery of St. David, Doctor Olga Sarantopoulou, as well as many inhabitants of the island.

On the occasion of the impressive success of the campaign initiated by the Secretary of the Council of Greeks Abroad (SAE) and President of the Greek Society of Austria, Dr. Olga Saranthopoulou, and Civil Engineer Wolfgang Heiss, head of the Austrian Community of South Pelion, Austrian Ambassador to Greece Hermine Poppeller ( Mag. Hermine Poppeller) sent a congratulatory message.

The Greek Society of Austria sincerely thanks all the participants in the successful campaign, and in particular the journalist and publisher Christa Baumgartner, coordinator of all organizational matters and activities in Vienna, Greek restaurant Dimitra in Vienna 1140, Mauerbachstrasse 43-45 for providing storage space and support.

Neighborhood residents help unload humanitarian aid boxes at St. David’s Monastery

The contribution of the municipality of Vienna, donations from various Austrian factories such as Reiter Betten & Vorhänge GmbH with an impressive gift of 1124 bed linen and 819 pillows, is especially highlighted.

Also involved in this effort were university professors, Prof. Dr. Peter Riedl, Alfred Pschill, Prof. Dr. ιchael Grabner of Media co. GmbH., Rainer Müller (Med.Rat Prim. Dr. Rainer Müller) and others.

Ms Sarantopoulou thanked all those who supported the campaign, especially the organizations of ethnic Greeks – World Confederation of Thessalian Associations, President Mr Diamantis Gikas, Association of Greek Physicians and Allied Professionals of Austria “Asklipios”, Intercultural Society “Macedonia” in Austria, ΑΗΕΡΑ Vienna Nikolaos Dumbas, the Cypriot cultural center in Vienna and other organizations of the Greek diaspora and individuals, as well as many philhellenians.

Abbot of the Monastery of St. David Elder Gabriel and Dr. Olga Sarantopoulou, President of the Greek Society of Austria

It should be noted that the award-winning actors of the most important German-language theater, the Vienna Burgtheater, Peter Simonischek and Bridget Karner gave a special performance in the town of Hartberg in Styria, the collection of which was donated to the box office of the charity event, as well as their entire fee. At the same time, the mayor of the city Marcus Martschitsch himself, to thunderous applause from the audience, presented the two actors with the amount he had collected for the Greek Society of Austria.

Humanitarian aid is already being distributed to victims of the fire. A second batch of bottled water is expected in the near future, the handover of which will take place under the supervision of Mr. Panayotis Jamvrias, member of the Hellenic Society of Austria and coordinator of actions in Evia and Dr. Olga Sarantopoulou.

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