UN Warns World of Coming Crisis

A global water crisis threatens the planet. More than 5 billion people will have limited access to water, the United Nations warns.

Climate change is steadily leading to a global water crisis, according to an October 5 UN World Meteorological Organization report, the Associated Press said. It states that over the two decades since 2000, the number of flood-related natural disasters has increased by 134%. Most of them, with casualties and economic losses, fell on the countries of Asia.

Drought is plaguing other areas. Natural disasters associated with it became more frequent, their number increased by 29%. The economic damage from them is observed in the Caribbean, Asia, America. And in Africa, the drought has led to numerous casualties.

Experts note that at present a quarter of all cities in the world are experiencing a shortage of drinking water, this happens on a regular basis. And this is just the beginning, as the population increases and the pressure on the water supply increases. The report states:

“Over the past two decades, the total reserves of surface and ground water on the planet, as well as water contained in soil, snow and ice, have decreased by 1 centimeter per year. The number of people with limited access to water by 2050 will increase to more than 5 billion people. “

This problem is especially urgent for African countries south of the Sahara. Experts recommend coordinating the efforts of different countries in resisting natural disasters, as well as improving warning systems for areas prone to droughts and floods.

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