Teachers to go on 24-hour strike to protest “compulsory certification”

The Greek Primary School Teachers’ Federation (Δ.Ο.Ε.) will go on a 24-hour strike on Monday 11 October against compulsory certification of teachers and schools.

The teachers’ strike is in response to the Ministry of Education’s appeal to the court to cancel any planned strike. The court ruled that the teachers’ strike was “illegal” and the Department of Energy appealed to a higher authority.

In a statement Wednesday, the Education Department called the compulsory assessment policy “anti-pedagogical,” adding that it would be “disastrous for public schools.”

In social media posts, several teachers stated that “mandatory assessment” had little to do with their pedagogical performance as such, but also with their skills needed to “improve” the school or even attract sponsors.

According to the Ministry of Education, the assessment of teachers will not be punitive, and teachers with insufficient productivity will not be dismissed from the service, but they will be encouraged to attend seminars to improve their qualifications.

The certification of teachers was discontinued in Greece in 1982, when the socialist PASOK was in power.

The strike participants’ demands, announced by the OLME (Federation of Secondary Education Workers), read as follows:

“We demand:
– Abolish the entire legal framework for the so-called assessment of schools and teachers (Law 4823/2021, Law 4692/2020, UA 108906 / GD4 / 10.9.202, provisions on internal rules), which will lead to the degradation of schools and further categorization. State and free universal teacher training program, scientifically prepared taking into account modern educational needs.
– Repeal law 4823/21 (Kerameos).
– Abolish state funding of private organizations, companies and NGOs involved in the educational process and school activities. Exclusively state funding for all needs of schools.
– Cancel here and now the Minimum Acceptance Base and the Bank of Topics.
– To repeal the law 4808/21 (Hatsidaki) on labor. “

For its part, Δ.Ο.Ε. announced that: “On January 25, 2022, an appeal was filed with the appeal of Δ.Ο.Ε. on the decision to declare refraining from strike at the request of the Ministerial Council for an internal and external assessment of school units as illegal

The Governing Council of the Federation of Elementary and Secondary Teachers of Greece reiterates that until the case is heard by the Court of Appeal, the strike is completely legal and all teachers who participate in it are fully protected. “

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