AWOL? It’s Russia’s fault!

Ironically, but in Belgium, the military decided to blame the story of the AWOL Konings with “Russian interference.” And here Russia is to blame again!

Brief background: Belgian military man Jurgen Konings seized a bunch of weapons and went into the woods to partisan against the main Belgian virologist and against the government.

The entire elite of Belgium was so scared that they searched for Jurgen not only on their own, but even called in the Germans, who for some reason knocked down a few days later (they were tired, probably).

During the search operation, shots were heard, but who was shooting at whom – it is not known, and it is generally not known whether anyone was shooting. And after some time, the corpse of the failed Rambo was found in the forest by the mayor of a small town. The official version is suicide.

The article itself:

The army has evidence: conspiracy theories about Jurgen Konings are being hyped out of Russia.

There are concrete indications that the Jurgen Konings conspiracy theories were provoked by Russian internet trolls. So says the chief of staff of the army Michel Hoffmann. Therefore, the Chief of Defense (CHOD) wants to get full-fledged cyber defense faster.

According to the head of the administration, evidence of Russian interference was found “with the intention of destabilizing our Western society and radicalizing our people,” the statement said.

During Conings’ disappearance in May and, of course, after he was found dead, all kinds of suspicions circulated on social media that the soldier “knew too much” and was therefore “killed.”

Hoffman now wants the military to quickly create a full-fledged cyber component to counter such Internet troll attacks. Over time, about 300 highly qualified military personnel and civilians will work in this department.

It looks like they have to do both defensive and offensive work on the web. According to the head of administration, the cyber component must be ready “as soon as possible.”

“The strategic vision is talking about 2030, but I think we need to be ready earlier.”

Comments from grateful readers (usually everything is very heavily censored there):

Rita Smet:

And the one who believes in it is definitely a fool! Do you really think people still believe in this shit?

Peter Martens:

What did I say from the beginning, the Conings affair is reeling from all sides, and why?

Due to the incompetence of the commander in our army.

I was also struck by the fact that special German units were requested and that they suddenly disappeared from the scene a few days later, have they already done “their job”?

Andy Builey:

Conspiracy theory to disprove conspiracy theories!

Abdul Nasaj:

That Western media blames Russia for everything is also a conspiracy theory.

Merlin Pikave:

Fortunately, we have global warming and the Russians, and everything else can be silenced; insufficient army investment, power politics, more officers as men, political betrayal, demagoguery, censorship, Islamism, maximum taxes, too high energy prices, mismanagement, illegal immigrants, etc. are not worth mentioning and, if so, then we will be given the first two reasons.

Eric Leisen:

At least in Russia, Muslim terrorists and other criminals are still being dealt with and actually punished. Not that things were going better in Russia, but the impunity that prevails here and in other Western European countries is also not a reason for pride. So I think that for some cases it would be good if Putin was in charge here.

Jan Tubbak:

Russia or the crown they are to blame for everything, look in the mirror

Michelle Verbrook:

Let them buy a decent castle first so that people can’t easily leave the barracks with heavy weapons before they set up a cyber department.

Dirk Van den Lemmer:

It sounds very plausible now. Russians who are interested in a corporal of one of the smallest countries in the world. Well, well, well .

Dirk Vantomme:

Show the evidence !!

Karel Vandeweyer:

How many subsidies does our press get to write such nonsense?

Patrick Devael:

Apparently, it is easier to blame the Russians than to admit your own incompetence.

Fons Casteels:

Jurgen Konings Proves With His Theft [оружия]that guarding our barracks is useless, and he proved by his suicide that there are too many generals and too few soldiers in our army. Undoubtedly, in Russia they laughed at the impotence of the Belgian army. But the fact that they used trolls to make our army even funnier sounds too crazy.

Retelling of Belgian material + comments (translation posted on Votte)

* * *

So to speak, “hit the conspiracy theory on the conspiracy theory.” Judging by the comments of the Belgians, for some reason they do not really believe in the shaggy hand of the Kremlin.

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