Athena Onassis: how is she "golden heiress"

Rare footage of the appearance of Athena Onassis in secular society is captured after her attending the wedding of friends in Monaco. The simple yet chic look of the “golden heiress”, the last offspring of the legendary Onassis family, is striking.

After a long time of voluntary imprisonment, Athena Onassis was again published. The young lady attended the wedding of Sami Zane and Laurana van Berkel in Monaco.

Athena was dressed in a simple floral dress in blue and white. Her hair was loose, and the only accessory that stood out from her entire appearance was a very expensive watch.

The Golden Heiress is rarely seen in society and appears to be trying to turn the page of her life by putting an end to rumors that she was suffering from depression and an eating disorder.

The photo was uploaded to her Instagram profile by the Greek-American Yanna Darili, who also attended the glamorous wedding as a guest.

One of the couples who chatted with Athena for a long time was Yanna with her husband George Psipsika. According to her, it was a great honor for them to meet with the young lady, talk about life, her great love and horses.

Athena Onassis agreed to pose with them, which she rarely does.

It is noted that at the same wedding, according to Espresso, in addition to Rita Ora, Antonis Remos and Anna Vissi were present and sang, and among the guests were Chrysanthos Panas, Nikos Aliagas, Celia Critarioti, Marina Verniku, Keith Panagopoulou, Marietta Hrusala and many other socialites Athens, many of whom welcomed the “golden heiress”.

As for the bride Lauren Van Berkel, she shone in her fabulous wedding dress embroidered with crystals. Her head was adorned with an incomparable tiara adorned with diamonds and other precious stones.

Where has Athena Onassis been living recently?

In recent years, the granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis, especially after the separation from Alvaro de Miranda Neto in 2016, found refuge in a small town in the Netherlands, in Falkensvard, where she has a luxury villa (where they used to live in Alvaro).

According to European press reports, Athena has chosen this place for permanent residence, as most of the inhabitants are engaged in horse riding and horse breeding.

As for her relations with Greece, they are still “absent”. Athena was in the homeland of her ancestors about 14 years ago.

The last time she officially visited Ellada was in 2007, as part of the Athina Onasis Horse Show, when Alvaro took part in the races and she supported him from the podium.

The last time Athena Onassis appeared in public at equestrian competitions in Rome. The granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis has changed a lot after losing a lot of pounds.

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