Anti-waxer policeman suspended for video on social networks

An anti-vaccine Greek police officer was removed from office on Thursday after an internal investigation into several videos he uploaded to YouTube. In them, he spread propaganda against the Covid-19 vaccine and instructed citizens on how to avoid police control.

In his videos, the person who posted messages under the nickname Telemachos has repeatedly appeared in police uniform. The man began posting his videos against the vaccine in July 2020.

In a video titled “Rapid tests, this is blackmail,” he said that he never does express tests, as required by the police, and said that every day he was issued fines of 300 euros for not complying with this requirement, but he did. do not pay.

In another video, he gave instructions to the public on “how to deal with MAT * special forces.” According to the publication Protothema, The video contained footage of the training of the DIAS and DELTA units, as well as the invasion of Trump supporters into the Capitol.

The officer serves at a police station in the suburbs of West Attica. His removal was the result of one of four internal investigations by the Greek Police Department of the Interior. The other three investigations are ongoing.

* MAT – Greek police units created to disperse demonstrations or riots. A kind of analogue of the Russian OMON.

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