The prosecutor’s office took care of the family of a 14-year-old girl, covid deniers

The incident with the 14-year-old adolescent once again underlines the problem that has arisen with the deniers and the unvaccinated, who “hold hostage” others, namely minor family members.

A serious problem arose in the case of a schoolgirl who, unfortunately, being a minor, could not act without parental consent. The girl contracted the coronavirus, but her parents refused to take her even to the doctor. They denied both the vaccine and the covid itself.

The girl lay in bed for 13 days at her home in Drama, and after her symptoms worsened and her condition worsened, her parents called a private doctor to see her.

The doctor discovered that the child was in danger, and asked to immediately take her to the hospital. The parents refused to do this, then the doctor made statements to the local Association of Physicians, the leadership of which, in turn, demanded the intervention of the prosecutor.

In the end, after all this hype, the girl finally ended up in the Hippocrates hospital in Thessaloniki with a diagnosis of severe pneumonia, and only miraculously escaped intubation.

Fortunately, the girl has a young strong body, and she withstood the “attack” of the coronavirus. However, no one can say with certainty that she would have coped “alone”, without the help of doctors, and she really could have died.

Charges were brought against the girl’s parents.

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