Greece ends mini-isolation and announces “more freedoms” for vaccinated

Greek Health Minister Thanos Pleuris announced today the end of mini-isolation in regions classified as “red zones” due to an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 infection, as well as the provision of additional freedoms for vaccinated citizens.

The “red zones” will be marked on the country’s Covid-Map epidemiological map so that citizens are informed and can take additional precautions in terms of personal protective measures such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

“The coronavirus is treated with a vaccine and protective measures,” the Minister of Health said, adding: “The committee is the body that offers its advice to the state. We trust all the scientists who work in it. It still remains the organ of the ministry. The first difference from the previous measures is that what was announced today will be in effect for fifteen days. During this time, they will be revised, simplified, and normalized. ” The minister announced an expansion of freedom for the vaccinated, who now have a “new sense of ordinary life and can enjoy attention and entertainment without restriction.” In particular, they are allowed to stay in closed and open spaces – those that are intended only for the vaccinated. There will be no restrictions and the following will apply: Dancing in bars, nightclubs, bouzouki and wedding parties is allowed. The vaccinated do not need to be seated in a room for food and entertainment. Those who are fully vaccinated will be able to stay in these establishments until they close. They will not be restricted by any blockage in the red zone, they will be able to move normally even after a traffic ban (from 01:00 to 06:00). The ban on music in all places is lifted, incl. in the “red zones”. 100% occupancy of all closed spaces (restaurants, entertainment establishments, cinemas, etc.) is allowed only for the vaccinated. In other words, there will be no previous table restrictions.

On the staff side, even though it has been heard of hiring only vaccinated employees, things will remain the same, meaning employees in the restaurant will use masks and personal protective equipment, whether they have been vaccinated or not. But they, as before, will have to do tests for coronavirus 2 times a week at their own expense.

Finally, in all other vaccinated-only sites, the use of masks will become unnecessary. The above measures will take effect from Saturday 9 October and will remain in effect until Saturday 23 October. That is, within 15 days. During this time, the authorities plan to further simplify and normalize restrictions. Measures for the unvaccinated in normal (other than red) areas Existing measures will continue to apply to the unvaccinated in both open and red (closed) areas. As mentioned, it is actually possible that the restrictions for the unvaccinated will be simplified since, as previously announced on the air of the Σκαι TV channel Minister of Health, the government does not want to introduce new punitive measures. In particular, the following restrictions will apply to the unvaccinated: It is prohibited to enter the premises of restaurants, taverns, bars, cafeterias and other catering establishments. They will not be able to enter the stadiums. They will be allowed to visit theaters, cinemas, archaeological sites and gyms only if they have a negative express test, issued no later than 48 hours. If you want to travel around Greece by public transport (buses, airplanes, trains), you need to have a negative PCR test for no more than 72 hours. Unvaccinated workers in the private and public sectors will be required to do a rapid test weekly. Unvaccinated teachers, scientists, tourism, food service, television, film, theater, music and dance workers are required to take two rapid laboratory tests per week. Unvaccinated students will take a rapid test twice a week, no later than 24 hours before school (although they are still free of charge).

On Wednesday, Greek health authorities placed the regional offices of Serres and Karditsa in the “red” level, due to the recent increase in the number of infections.

The increase in coronavirus cases has turned two other prefectures red, changing the epidemiological map. In the updated Covid-19 MAP, the level of increased risk remains for the regions of Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Larisa and Kilkis, and the third includes Pieria, Pella, Kastoria, Drama, Imatia, Xanthi and Kavala.

The regional divisions of Phthiotida and Arta became “green”.

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