More freedoms for vaccinated citizens and more restrictions for the unvaccinated

The Greek authorities are considering a package of measures to give more “freedoms” to fully vaccinated citizens and, accordingly, to impose even more restrictions on the unvaccinated.

Health Minister Thanos Pleuris said that the ministry and the committee of epidemiologists are currently working in this direction. Speaking Monday on Skai TV, Pleuris highlighted the fact that 90% of Covid patients in intensive care units are not vaccinated, adding that this is due to 30% of the country’s unvaccinated adult population.

According to the minister, “where there are fully vaccinated citizens and therefore the risk of transmission of Covid-19 is not so great, a regime of much broader freedom is needed so that we can achieve a normal life.”

Thanos Pleuris indicated that the new measures will include more freedom for vaccinated people, both in entertainment and recreation facilities, even in regions with high rates of coronavirus infections and local lockdowns.

As we reported earlier, the authorities are actively persuading the population with statements of “freedoms”, such as the reproduction of music in regions that are even in “mini-isolation” mode, permission for indoor bars, nightclubs with live music and even dancing in places where only vaccinated clients are allowed.

There are also freedoms for the unvaccinated, but in the case of their constant testing, which since mid-September has been carried out only for money, and at the same time “freedoms” are decreasing every day, recalling “pebbled skin“.

Final decisions are expected to be made on Tuesday and announced by the Minister of Health on Wednesday 6 October.

The government says it is being forced to make changes due to growing discontent among vaccinated citizens as well as entrepreneurs about ongoing restrictions and confusing decisions.

For example, a concert of a famous Greek singer was allowed in Thessaloniki on Saturday, while the reproduction of music is prohibited in the entire region due to mini-blocking. City DJs protested outside the concert hall, claiming that they had lost their jobs and had no compensation, while concerts for “special people” were allowed.

Party in one of the popular clubs in Patras ended in problems for the owners. The arrival of the Achaea Police Department’s Special Control Group police officers halted the fun as the entertainment facility’s capacity limit was not being met and several of the 80 guests were found to be unvaccinated, a check showed. The reason for the special interest of the police in the club was the posting of photos and videos from the party on Instagram, according to

Now the owner has to pay a 2000 euro fine, and he himself is detained. The club is closed for 7 days.

Now the owner has to pay a 2000 euro fine, and he himself is detained. The club is closed for 7 days.

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