Lockdown: restrictions in the “red” zones – only for the unvaccinated

The government is focused on taking measures to further strengthen the rights of fully vaccinated citizens in relation to the unvaccinated, investing even more in the tactics of separating categories of citizens.

In particular, official government statements are expected to be made in the near future, since proposals have already been discussed such as lifting any restrictions for those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, even in the “red” zones!

In practice, this leads to the abolition of “mini-isolations” in epidemiologically unstable regions of the country. This implies that catering and entertainment establishments can operate normally in these areas, but only for the vaccinated.

Likewise, in those areas, the travel ban for unvaccinated citizens starts from 1 am to 6 am.

The announcement will be made by Health Minister Thanos Pleuris on Wednesday 6/10, who will give clear directions and a call for universal vaccination.

In fact, it was decided to adopt specific resolutions, since in places where fully vaccinated citizens are located, the risk of transmission is not so great, and therefore a regime of much greater freedom can be introduced, “that is, to go to normal life,” said earlier in an interview with the channel SKAI minister.

In epidemiologically unstable areas, restrictive but not punitive measures should be applied to those who refuse vaccination. The Secretary General of Primary Health Care, Marios Temistokleous, also raised this issue during today’s briefing, stressing that this is not about punishment or restriction of freedoms.

“We rely on scientific evidence, as is the case in other European countries. The (vaccinated) person can receive normal rights to a normal economic and social life, and we will continue to move in this direction. Everyone who has been vaccinated will quickly return to a normal rhythm of life (as it was before the pandemic), ”the official said.

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