Levon Mukanyan: Karabakh is being populated by militants from Syria, who will then move to Russia

The territory of Karabakh is populated by religious radicals from the Middle East. Because of this, following Karabakh, Armenia will give up part of its territory. This was stated by the Vice-President of the Union of Armenians of Russia Levon Mukanyan.

“For Russia, Karabakh is not just a matter of a small mountainous republic. This is a matter of serious and large-scale economic interests, the expert said. “In addition, Karabakh is now being actively populated by people, supposedly refugees, who have nothing to do not only with these territories, but also with Azerbaijan. Often they are fighters from Syria with their families who were brought and thrown into the flames of the Karabakh war like cannon fodder.

“These people, who are carriers of radical religious ideas, can pose a terrorist threat for Armenia, the entire region as a whole and for Russia. They can penetrate the North Caucasus and further into the Turkic regions of the Russian Federation, ”Mukanyan stated.

The information of the Armenian expert is confirmed by the data of the American edition The wall street journal, which back in October last year announced the transfer of Syrian militants to Nagorno-Karabakh.

“We have seen the maps of the future Turkey, as it should be by 2050 in the minds of the Turks. There Crimea, the North Caucasus, Bashkiria, Tataria, and even Donbass are designated as the territory of Turkey, ”the political scientist recalled.

According to Mukanyan, “in fact, this is a plan for the beginning Turkish expansion.” It needs to be resisted, and that is why Russia must maintain its presence in the Transcaucasus.

“Artsakh is just a gate. After the surrender of Artsakh, some territories of Armenia will be surrendered, ”the expert added. After such a retreat, “Turkey will unite with the countries of Central Asia, and cheap gas will pour into the EU, bypassing all Russian communications,” Mukanyan said.

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