Mother of the rescued toddler in Elasson found … drunk

It cannot be said that yesterday’s incident in Elasson, with a baby crawling along the road, ended well. The baby is saved, but judging by the state of his deranged mother, this could happen again at any moment.

In an interview with Alpha, a 26-year-old girl who saved the baby says:

“I became his angel. Thank God the child is healthy. He had an angel, and I turned out to be that angel. As soon as I realized that it was a baby, I immediately applied the brake so hard that I thought I would get out of the car. I saw truck lights in the car mirror. I say we were both scared. But luckily he turned around. I called for help, and it didn’t scare him. Very quiet kid. Clever. He was pointing at me. “

As reflected in the police report, the mother of the child crawling along the road was found in a state of severe alcoholic intoxication. When the police asked her about what had happened, she was unable to provide an explanation. Due to the state of alcoholic intoxication, the woman was transferred to the Elassona police station and taken into custody. Nikos Gatsas, Mayor of Elassona, says:

“The mother faces psychological problems that she tries to cope with with alcohol.”

The girl who saved the baby speaks warmly of the police woman, mother of three, who took care of the boy:

The female police officer stayed in excess of her watch time. She went home with the child, fed, dressed, put to bed. She did everything because she was a mother herself.

After sobering up, the boy’s 41-year-old mother, originally from Romania, was released by order of the prosecutor of the Larissa District Court. A social worker from the Municipality of Elassona took up research on the child’s living conditions.

As our publication reported, yesterday about a ten-month-old baby crawled along the main street of Elassona, between moving cars and at night. There were no adults around … The woman driver could not believe her eyes when she saw a child in front of her car crawling along the road. The bulk of the truck was approaching from behind, and she instinctively managed to grab the baby in her arms, saving him from the collision.

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