December 11, 2023

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Macron:"Europe must declare its independence from the United States"

A slight hysteria continues in France over a lost submarine contract for Australia. Now Macron said that “Europe must declare its independence from the United States.”

That is, Macron openly recognizes the fact of dependence.

But why not start with himself and declare France’s independence from the United States. Before demanding declarations of independence from others, why not set an example for others. As at one time De Gaulle tried to do it (for which he later paid).

But there were so many excuses after Assad’s statements that the French are American slaves.

But in fact, like in France. it got hot, so immediately there were statements that something must be done with independence. But as usual, after loud chatter about independence, Macron immediately began lay down the straw about the “great ally and common values”.

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Cartoonists made fun of the situation

This means that in fact France is satisfied with the established format of relations. She is not satisfied that in this case, the overlord has too cynically exposed for the rest of the world the essence of relations between the United States and France, which indirectly hit Macron himself.

In Australia, on this occasion, they said they did not regret anything. The gentleman appointed Australia as his beloved wife. At the current historical stage.


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