Self Test: from 29/09 free at student pharmacies

Four free pharmacy self-tests for students at all school levels will be available today, September 29th. The promotion will last until Friday October 8th.

Checking schoolchildren for coronavirus over the next two weeks (October 4-17) is mandatory and must be carried out in accordance with the protocol announced by the Ministry of Education due to the increase in the number of cases. Several schools have already reached the 50 + 1% level, leading to their quarantine.

Student self-test process

The self-check will take place 24 hours prior to arrival at the school every Tuesday and Friday. Self Test is mandatory for coronavirus. Students who do not have a vaccination certificate (for persons 12 years and older) or a certificate of a previous illness (for the last 6 months) must present a negative self-test result. Vaccinated students are not eligible for a free self-test, as they do not need to take the test unless there is a specific reason (for example, a classmate is sick). Free Self Test is available at pharmacies only on weekdays and hours. At night – only in case of emergency.

The number of sick children is increasing
According to the information, children undergoing treatment for coronavirus are in the children’s hospitals Aglaya Kyriaku and Agia Sofia. Currently there are 15 of them. There is even a very small patient who is only 2 months old. The kid was admitted to the intensive care unit with respiratory failure, but they say that he was not intubated and nothing threatens his life.

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