Police intervened in a massive brawl between schoolchildren and students

On Tuesday morning, in the suburb of Stavroupolis in Thessaloniki, there was a mass brawl between high school and university students outside the building of the EPAL vocational school.

Eyewitnesses speak of an ideologically motivated clash, since the attackers belong to two polar political streams (ultra-left and ultra-right).

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The scuffle began when a group of 30 hooded youths ran out of the school premises and attacked a rally of students protesting the attack on leftists distributing leaflets last week.

Witnesses report that the attackers among the teenagers were persons wearing motorcycle helmets, armed with clubs and other improvised items. Some witnesses said they saw knives as well.

EPAL students told ANT1 TV that the attackers threw bottles of Molotov cocktails and sonic firecrackers, and to other media outlets that they saw students stabbing students with a knife. However, the police did not report any injuries among the students.

The police arrived after the scuffle was over and immediately engaged in a “fight” with the schoolchildren, using tear gas and flashbangs in the school yard. The teenagers, who are called neo-Nazis in the local media, responded by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at them.

Two schoolchildren received minor injuries and were taken to the hospital in ambulances.

Near the school, the police detained 5 people who were trying to enter the premises. Three of them were detained as they were armed with knives and iron bars. The arrested 15 and 17 years old turned out to be students of a neighboring school.

“They should have been kicked out of school a long time ago,” a 17-year-old witness told the local newspaper Voria.gr, calling the attackers “fascists.”

With the tolerance of the EPAL director, some students have joined Golden Dawn, which has been recognized as a criminal organization and is serving a prison sentence, according to a reporter for a state-owned television company.

The students told ANT1 that this is not the first time a group of schoolchildren have created problems and added that they are afraid to go to school.

The teachers and principal seem to be dealing with the situation, and the big question is why the principal allowed such groups to use the school premises

In the aftermath of the clashes, the Youth Front of the ultra-right party Chrissi Avgi (Golden Dawn) congratulated the group that attacked the students. Today, several other far-right organizations based in Thessaloniki hail today’s attacks, warning that “we are here to stay.”

General Secretary The Minister of Education insisted on the statement of the ERT TV company “We do not allow such incidents” and described these incidents as “an ideological conflict between certain groups.”

The Minister of Education demands that the prosecutor intervene in the conflict.

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