Greek drugs against coronavirus give hope

The two new drugs to be used in the battle against the coronavirus are encouraging. One from Pfizer in pill form is in clinical trials, and the other is Greek know-how in the treatment of covid pneumonia with seemingly impressive results.

As mentioned in the main Star Newsletter, the scientific developments of the Greek physicians, led by Professor Evangelos Jamarelos, represent a targeted therapeutic approach that is already being used in hospitals in Greece and Italy. The first results of the new treatment are impressive.

In particular:

A threefold increase in the chances of recovery was recorded. 50% reduction in hospital or ICU stays. 55% reduction in the likelihood of death.

This drug has already been tested on 600 people and it has been noted that after 28 days of use, there is a noticeable improvement. This study is in phase 3 and has been approved by the European Medicines Agency (Coreper).

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