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Comfort, a sense of satisfaction of almost every person consists of many components, among which there are not only material security, but also susceptibility to the influence of external factors.

Among the latter is the weather, which in the most direct way affects our mood and health. And although it is impossible to exert any influence on it, but you can surrender to the will of Mother Nature rationally, preparing the appropriate ground for this. It is easy to do this, knowing the weather forecast for the near future. For someone here, the perspective in hours is important, for someone in days, and for someone in weeks: depending on the planned life events. Perhaps right now it is worth leaving the house with an umbrella, the day after tomorrow to grab more liquid with you in order to fully quench your thirst in the heat, and a week later, in the morning, put on warm clothes.

Today it is possible to learn about changes in the environment without any problems. This is where online services come to the rescue, within which weather in Athens and other cities is in a very detailed format and for the long term. They are great tools for scheduling activities, and they are available for free without any restrictions. You can go to the sites literally at any time when you need to get an idea of ​​the air temperature outside the window, precipitation, wind speed and its gusts, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, cloudiness, visibility, and more. Changes in sea conditions are also indicated: excitement, wave height.

Modern forecasts make a very detailed layout of the weather within a single day. Data can be provided not only in the morning, afternoon, evening, night, but also for every three hours, for every hour. The latter option is especially attractive if precipitation is expected: you can plan your day quite accurately, avoiding getting caught in the rain or at least taking an umbrella with you. In addition to the traditional weather format, a temperature trend can be displayed on a graph. Here, for each part of the day, by day, curves are indicated that clearly show the prospects for the coming days. Verbal descriptions of the daily weather can be prepared. They talk not only about the key parameters of the environment, but also give recommendations on the choice of the most suitable clothing and footwear.

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