MyHealth app: more than 300 citizens received medical certificates in one day in one click

More than 300 citizens have visited the new myHealth e-service from the first day of its operation to receive digital medical certificates.

“This is an opportunity that, together with a number of other actions, will lead to the next phase in healthcare for the benefit of citizens,” said Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris.

For his part, Digital Government Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis emphasized that “the certificates are available in the myhealth application, which is a digital health record template.”

Referring to the new service, IDIKA President and CEO Niki Tsuma noted that “digital medical certificates are another service provided by IDIKA in the context of the digital reform of the healthcare sector.” The next steps are planned, for example, such as expanding the service with the help of an individual student’s health card.

Remember that the procedure for filling out a health card is carried out exclusively by a doctor. Initially, the health care provider registers the citizen’s AMKA with the Medical Certificates service of the e-prescription system, selects the type of certificate (pool, gym, specific sport, or any legal use), and finally selects one of the standardized texts.

A medical certificate is issued automatically and is available to a citizen:

from the myHealth application in the “Medical certificates” section; as soon as the citizen has activated the intangible prescription, the barcode number of the medical certificate is sent by SMS, and the complete medical certificate is sent by e-mail in pdf format (depending on what the citizen has chosen as the information channel for the intangible prescription); if the citizen is not registered in the intangible prescription system (άυλη συνταγογράφηση), the doctor prints out the medical certificate.

Medical certificates are verified by the institutions for which they are issued (through The recipient, to whom the citizen sends a medical certificate for use, has the opportunity to find it using a barcode and check the details: name, specialty of the doctor, as well as the type and text of the certificate.

One of the following messages appears, depending on the status of the medical certificate:

“Valid medical certificate.” Expired Medical Certificate (Medical certificates for pools, gyms or special sports are valid for one year). “Invalid medical certificate.”

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