Metropolitan of Piraeus: “I pray to God to enlighten these people”

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus asks a question to those who are against vaccination.

In an interview with MEGA, he spoke out in favor of vaccination and asks those who are against vaccines:

“I am surprised to hear from healthcare professionals who are skeptical about something as simple as vaccination. So many deadly diseases have been stopped with vaccines. When vaccinated, a child is given 16 shots until he is 2 years old. What’s the problem with the 17th? “

Yesterday I got the flu shot and had no side effects or side effects. I pray to God to enlighten these people so that they end the war that is being waged against the health of their neighbors and their own health. “

He said that for his calls for vaccinations, he receives “vulgar insults”: “They are cursing us, they call us traitors, traitors.”

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus is one of the most prominent critics the “new church” of Ukraine, who believes that the OCU is a non-existent “church” from a canonical point of view, consisting of canonical violators, anathematized and non-ordained false priests.

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