T. Theodorikakos: 83 demonstrations took place in Athens in September

According to the Minister of Civil Protection Takis Theodorikakos, 83 demonstrations took place in Attica in September, which blocked roads 16 times.

Speaking to reporters for Open TV, Mr Theodoricakos said that the government’s priority is to make citizens feel safe. He confirmed that he will enforce the law on demonstrations in the center of Athens.

“I remember how in the early days I was criticized by some of my fellow citizens for the fact that I too insisted on the application of a measure according to which groups of demonstrators of 100, 200 and 300 people could not block the streets with marches and rallies either in Athens or in any other city. Citizens have the right, the inalienable democratic right to hold rallies and demonstrations, but this cannot be to the detriment of the order and safety of all other citizens who should not suffer from such situations. “

In this context, he presented the latest data: in September, 83 marches were held in the Attica region, of which only 16 led to road closures, because only 16 met the conditions under which they had the right to block roads. “There were thousands of them, there were a lot of people, and the road had to be closed because of safety,” said Mr. Theodoricakos.

“When there are much, much less of them, then they will have to hold demonstrations on the sidewalk or in the side streets, and this rule will be strictly observed. Because this is what the overwhelming majority of Greek citizens want, and in order for democratic legitimacy to be respected, “said the Minister for the Protection of Citizens.

Lawsuits against teachers by anti-Axis

Referring to lawsuits against teachers on the part of anti-virus activists and anti-vaccination campaigners, he noted that “it was a clear government obligation to ensure that no one could drag teachers and school principals into unnecessary problems for their responsible and disciplined adherence to all vaccination and treatment regulations. the coronavirus pandemic and ensuring the normal and orderly work of educational units. “

“Law-abiding and responsible citizens, teachers who do what is required by law, cannot become victims of the paranoia of those who sue them,” he added. “Yesterday there was an intervention by the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, so I think this issue has been resolved.”

“We will put an end to this story, and this is a clear and convincing signal to everyone that Greek society is united and that citizens who behave responsibly and discipline the rule of law are obvious examples and should not be afraid of anything at all,” the minister continued, adding: “ I want to appeal to everyone with an appeal for calmness and logic. We will be able to look with optimism into the coming winter if we continue to show unity and solidarity, and adhere to these measures. I believe that this year, thanks to our coordinated action and vaccination, we will finally get rid of the coronavirus pandemic. And we will fully enter into normal life. ”

To create a domestic violence bureau

Mr Theodoricakos noted that during a pandemic, the number of cases domestic violence much increased, and noted that “we all have to deal with this phenomenon, which, unfortunately, is becoming a modern disaster. In this area, the Greek police strives to forge very close relationships with local authorities and local communities. “

“The secret to being able to deal with this problem is to know what is happening in these cases and to be able to assess the most serious incidents to which the Greek police have to respond. domestic violence in the Attica basin and in Thessaloniki. Next Monday I will have a working meeting with the administration of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities to agree on actions to combat these phenomena, “he added. March 2019 announcedwhat was the bureau created?)

Digitization of Police Services

“In order not to come in another two years and not talk about the shortage of staff in the police stations and the absence of police from the surrounding area, the first option we are doing at the moment is to continue the extensive digitization of the Greek police services,” said Mr Theodorikakos. “I will be able to announce, together with my colleague, Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis, which Greek police services will be digitized, and, therefore, citizens will not follow them to police stations,” the minister stressed.

He added that from January 1, 2022, the police will not authenticate signatures and other similar services. “We are stopping a job that currently employs hundreds of police officers because up to 50 people still go to police stations in Attica alone every day to get their signatures verified, as well as a number of other services for which we have to maintain a large staff of police officers. We must transform the law enforcement agencies from bureaucrats into protectors of the population, “he stressed and added:” The problem is very serious in the Attica basin, where 70% of the crimes of all Greece, but the police officers who serve here make up less than 30% of the EL.AS population. “.

“Our strategy is for the police to be close to the citizen, close to the district, so that they support him, so that we all feel that the police are friendly to society, to young people and take care of the safety of all of us.” Without discrimination and exceptions, this is a practice of extensive digitization that will save police officers from the side effects mentioned earlier and allow them to do their job very well, ”he explained.

Regarding the DI.AS team, Mr. Theodoricakos said: “They will have my full support.”

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